Hello Sonic Journey friends!  Amy and I hope you are all safe, happy and especially healthy.

Wow, what a nutty few weeks it has been.  Since we have cancelled our March sound meditations (April TBD) , we are going to be posting a new Gong Love – Gong Meditation or Sonic Journey – Sound Meditation once a week for the next few months.  We hope you will create some time for yourself to relax and find your quiet mind while we are all adjusting to our new normal.  May this pass quickly!

To get things rolling, we have 2 new Gong Love – Sound Meditations for you to use for your health and wellbeing.

Head over to our new Bandcamp.com site where you can purchase them to support us (and yourself) while we are unable to come to you.  These tracks are also streamable from the Bandcamp site for free if you need some Gong Love but are feeling strapped for cash.  Free streams are playable 3 times before you will need to buy them – FYI!  Don’t worry, a new one will be coming each week!


Sound of stars is a 1 hour (3 track) Gong Love – Gong Meditation with 2 gongs and the copper mother drum.  Deep.

Ojas is a 1 hour (2 track) Gong Love – Gong Meditation with 3 gongs.  Find your quiet mind.

At the moment, each of these “albums” is broken down into 2 or 3 tracks so I can fit within the restrictions of the Bandcamp website.  Once I make $20 in sales (hint hint!), I can upgrade to full hour gong baths and sound meditations.  This is how I want to share them – one big chunk of Gong Love!

So, please be an early adopter and buy these 2 Gong Meditations, so I can put some full length sessions up next week!

Grab yourself a pair of headphones.  Enclosed back earphone are best, but any ear buds or wireless earphones will work.  Sound cancelling headphones are nice to keep out distracting sounds but if you have a nice home stereo or home theater, it will sound great on that as well.  If it starts shaking the house, it might be a little too loud!  Adjust you volume as necessary!  It really doesn’t need to be very loud to work, so preserve your ears.

An additional note about these sound meditations.

Although we aren’t together in a room with gongs and all of our collective energies, we are still together in the universe.  When I record these, I get tuned in to the universe.  I feel that and play what needs to be played just like when you are all in the room with me.

Using headphones has a couple advantages – comfort, and fitting a sound meditation into your schedule are two big positives.  Try them every day!  Get comfy in your bed, or snuggle on your sofa.  Try one on your home stereo or home theater with your partner or kids.  Experiment.  Use them to spark your creativity by playing one during your hobby or art time.

Mostly,  please make time for yourself to be still and relaxed in this time of stress and uncertainty.  Make time to be quiet.  Feel the universe around you.  Tune in.  Find your quiet mind.

Take a relaxed deep breath and exhale in a sigh.  Set a positive intention.  Breathe.  Keep breathing.

Here we go.

Thank you for your support, and we can’t wait to get back to doing this together – soon.


Mark and Amy