Sonic Journey

A Meditative Sound Experience

“Come with us on a journey.”

Our Sonic Journeys are a fusion of multi-dimensional harmonics and meditative sound designed to cultivate a quiet mind, energized soul and relaxed body.  Amy and Mark begin Sonic Journey by preparing the body, mind, and heart to receive the sound with gentle movement, breath work, and a brief meditation or visualization. Next we invite you to get comfortable and we begin playing gongs, singing bowls and various sound creation tools. Arrive with an open heart and open mind so you can drop into the sound experience and see where the journey takes you.
The diverse layers of sound unfold organically in time and each tone becomes part of a larger composition that is uniquely received by each participant. This makes Sonic Journey the real journey of our offerings, and is perfect for a relaxing and enlightening experience with your family and friends.
  • Meinl Wu Xing – 40″
  • Wuhan Wind Gong – 40″
  • Paiste Symphonic Gong – 32″
  • Unlimited Atlantis Gong – 18″

Crystal Tones Singing Bowls

  • C 432hz 4th octave
  • D 432hz 4th octave
  • E 432hz 4th octave
  • F 432hz 3rd octave
  • G 432hz 4th octave
  • A 432hz 4th octave
  • B 432hz 4th octave

Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • 7″ A# struck, E sung
  • 5″ B struck, F sung

Swaranjali Model 509 Deluxe

Late 60’s Rikki Ram – 4 string female

Meinl Sea Drum 20″

Svaram swinging chimes – Space

Koshi chimes – Air and Water

Woodstock chime – 7″ duo binaural

Upcoming Sonic Journey Events

“After class, I felt better than I had in months. My body felt rejuvenated and relaxed simultaneously, and my mind… Blessedly blank.  The combination of sound and movement that Mark and Amy provide is exquisite and not to be missed.”

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