Restore Harmony

Restorative Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls

“Pure magic for your soul.”

Restore Harmony is a deeply rejuvenating yoga, meditation and sound healing experience. While playing crystal singing bowls attuned to the frequencies of each energy center (chakra,) Amy offers a gentle, restorative yoga practice infused with inspirational affirmations.
The swirling waves of sound will liberate your energies, encouraging them to flow freely, and restore harmony and balance to your whole being. We’ll begin with gentle movement and breath work before settling into our restorative practice. Please dress warm and comfortably so you can snuggle into each pose and totally melt into the experience.

Crystal Tones Singing Bowls

  • C 432hz 4th octave
  • D 432hz 4th octave
  • E 432hz 4th octave
  • F 432hz 3rd octave
  • G 432hz 4th octave
  • A 432hz 4th octave
  • B 432hz 4th octave

Swaranjali Model 509 Deluxe

Svaram swinging chimes – Space

Koshi chimes – Air and Water

Woodstock chime – 7″ duo binaural

Upcoming Restore Harmony Events

“It’s obvious that Amy and Mark put a lot of passion and care into delivering a healing, relaxing, and peaceful experience for the attendees.  I also like that the sessions incorporate a gentle yoga practice with some breath work before settling into an hour of sonic bliss!”

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