During our new lives with the Corona virus, receiving a sound meditation at home has become the only way to feel the magic of sound meditation in a safe environment.  Instead of skipping this important part of our lives to stay safe and healthy, it is simple to use a prerecorded sound meditation or gong meditation to fill in the sound meditation blanks in your life until we can provide live vibrations again!

Sonic Journey has been making some lovely recordings of Gong Meditations over on our sonicjourneysounds.bandcamp.com/music page.  They are free to stream or please support us while we can’t come to you in person!

How to listen to a prerecorded sound meditation at home

First, make time to do it when you can relax into the experience without distractions. Morning, afternoon, bedtime – any time when you have a couple minutes to breathe, relax and settle in before your hour meditation is perfect. I like to listen whenever I can comfortably slot it in or when I just NEED a break from my overactive lizard brain.

The key is to TAKE the time for YOURSELF. Treat yourself to some single-tasking-self-care-love. You will be glad you did, and your health will thank you for the break.

Next, grab yourself a pair of headphones or play it over your home stereo. Enclosed back headphones are best, but any ear buds or wireless earphones will work. Sound cancelling headphones are nice to keep out distracting sounds but if you have a nice home stereo or home theater, it will sound great on that as well. If it starts shaking the house (or earphones), it might be a little too loud! Adjust your volume as necessary. It doesn’t need to be very loud to work its magic, so preserve your ears.

Get comfy.

Find a spot in a quiet place and lay down for the duration. The bed or couch works great. I like to wear some sort of eye covering to help my busy brain and eyeballs take a break. Grab a blanket to stay warm. Take a few relaxed deep breaths. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Breathe. Feel your body and allow it to relax and rest.

It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to settle in. It is OK to feel a little anxious at first – remember to breathe in the beginning. Inhale to a count of 4, exhale to a count of 8 – breathe into your belly and exhale fully. Take your time to feel the rhythm of your breath. Go slow.

Once you feel like the edge has left the room, hit play and follow the sound. Don’t worry if you keep thinking about stuff, just notice your thoughts and follow the sound. Repeat if necessary.

Still not able to shake your cognitive brain? No worries! Just think about something you LOVE doing and daydream about that! Let the gongs help you get creative. Before you know it you will be settling in and the universe will come to you.

We are together!

Although we aren’t together in a room with gongs and all of our collective energies, we are still together on this great earth floating in the Milky Way.

When I record these meditations, I get tuned in to the universe. I feel that energy and play what needs to be played just like when you are in the room with me. The titles of the recordings indicate my intention – let the titles guide your intention, or choose your own intention and let that sink in.

The advantage of prerecorded sound meditations

Using a recorded sound meditation has a couple advantages – being in the comfort of your own home, and fitting a sound meditation into your schedule are two huge positives. Try them every day! Try one on your home stereo or home theater with your partner or kids. Snuggle in. Experiment. Use them to spark your creativity by playing one during your hobby or artsy time.

Make time for yourself!

Mostly, please make time for yourself to be still and calm in this time of stress and uncertainty. Make time to be quiet. Feel the universe around you. Feel it within you. Tune in. Find your quiet mind. It’s in there.

Take a relaxed deep breath and exhale in a sigh. Set a positive intention. Breathe. Keep breathing. Gong. It works even on a recording.