Gong Love

Gong Bath Meditations

“The gong takes you deeply into the present moment.”

Gong Love is a gong bath meditation. Mark begins with simple breathing and vocal toning exercises designed to calm our minds and assists our arrival, in this moment, within the gong bath space.
Next, we get comfortable (usually laying down with a blanket and eye pillow), and the vibrations begin to wash over and through our bodies. The gongs rich layers of sounds, tones and harmonics are an invitation to explore ourselves, the universe, and the connections between us. In my experience, gong meditation is the simplest way to achieve a calm, meditative mind state. Period. Participants often experience deep meditative states, hypnogogic visions, and spirit quest experiences.
  • Meinl Wu Xing – 40″
  • Wuhan Wind Gong – 40″
  • Paiste Symphonic Gong – 32″
  • Unlimited Atlantis Gong – 18″

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Gong Love is a sound meditation practice using gongs to guide our attention and relax our busy minds (also known as a gong bath or sound bath).

 “I don’t know how this happened, but I left rested, restored, and relaxed.  So on some level, some beautiful healing magic must have occurred.”

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