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Sonic Journey sound meditations are a fusion of multi-dimensional harmonics and meditative sound designed to cultivate a quiet mind, energized soul and relaxed body.  Using gongs, crystal singing bowls and other sound healing tools, the diverse layers of sound unfold organically in time and each tone becomes part of a larger composition that is uniquely received by each participant.  Arrive with an open heart and open mind so you can drop into the sound experience and see where the journey takes you. 

To be comfortable during your 1 hour sound meditation, please wear comfy, loose fitting clothes.  We recommend an eye mask or eye covering of some kind, but it is not required.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes before 7:00pm to get comfortable in your surroundings and set up your relaxing meditation space.  We will be closing the doors promptly at 7:00pm for everyone to get the most out of their Sonic Journey.  We have blankets, bolsters and yoga mats for your comfort.

Friday November 8th 7-8:30pm at Harmony Yoga Center in Newport, Oregon
$15-$30 sliding scale admission

Reservations through Harmony Yoga Center: (541) 272-5190  or via their website: https://harmonyyogacenter.com/workshops

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