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Join us for Mother’s day! Bring your Mom and family and lets share some quality time together. Set a positive intention, and melt into your peaceful mind and body – all to the meditative, healing vibrations of the singing bowls!

Restore Harmony is a deeply rejuvenating yoga, meditation and sound healing experience. While playing crystal singing bowls attuned to the frequencies of each energy center (chakra,) Amy and Mark offer a gentle, restorative yoga practice infused with inspirational affirmations. Amy offers hands on Reiki if you wish – it is lovely!

The swirling waves of sound will liberate your energies, encouraging them to flow freely, and restore harmony and balance to your whole being. We’ll begin with gentle movement and breath work before settling into our restorative practice. Please dress warm and comfortably so you can snuggle into each pose and totally melt into the experience.

To be comfortable during your 1 hour sound meditation, please wear comfy, loose fitting clothes. We recommend an eye mask or eye covering of some kind, but it is not required.

Please arrive at 4:50pm to get comfortable in your surroundings and set up your relaxing meditation space. We will be closing the doors promptly at 5:00pm for everyone to get the most out of their Sonic Journey. We have blankets, bolsters and yoga mats for your comfort.

We can’t wait to see you!

Sunday May 10th 5-6:30pm at Harmony Yoga Center Newport, Oregon

Tickets are $15-30 sliding scale admission in advance using the tickets link above.

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