Custom Events

“Designing your Journey.”

“Create something special for your event.”

Need something a little different?  Something tailored specifically for your event?  In addition to Sound Meditations, we offer restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini yoga classes, Ayurveda workshops, walking meditations, forest bathing, dance,  therapeutic massage, and reiki.
We have a deep community to draw upon if you are looking for something we don’t offer.  We are happy to assist in finding what you need whether it is Kirtan, drumming circles, or singing.  We have the resources you need.

Together, lets design an event that is perfect for your gathering.

“In their Sonic Journey, the Clems create a portal in which to slip out of our hectic lives and into the calming rhythms of singing bowls and a penetrating gong bath.  I found myself rippled into the rhythms of deeply relaxing vibrations, guided into deep breathing exercises and calming visualizations.  The savasana was so spiritually and physically rejuvenating, I felt like I had just culminated a three day vacation.  Gentle yoga stretches were perfect for my special needs daughter.  It was wonderful!

I give the Sonic Journey four stars!”

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